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Bob Magnotti's RHD Bugeye

PDLJMPR Web Magazine, May 04, 1997
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These are pictures taken just before the 1988 - 30th Anniversary Sprite Fest that was held in PA, by Rick Moses.

This past December I completely disassembled the car and I am in the process of replacing all the rusted pieces and parts. The progress is real slow. and we just completed the right side replacement of the floor, crossmember, reinforcement member, inner & outer sills, inner and outer door pillar. Additionally, I reconfigured my 8 point rollbar to a 7 point, this gives the passenger a little more room. Next we start on the left side.

I am also doing a complete rewire of the car, my car has a custom solid teak dash and I do not use the standard wire harness, I had to design my own. This version will be 100 times better then the first time I wired it almost 20 years ago. None of the wires will run through the original holes in the firewall. My car does not use a heater or defroster, so all of the wire will pass through the defroster holes on the firewall and come out through the heater plenum opening in the firewall. I am designing a terminal block to fit over the plenum hole. The section of the firewall that the wires normally went through will be covered with polished stainless steel. The dash can be removed by unplugging three plugs and removing three nuts.

I am also installing the new competition rear leaf springs, alloy upper control links and will be lowering the rear and front suspension. I also have plans to install the Mazda alternator conversion, and possibly the 5 speed conversion, but right now the trans is a standard rib case except I have one of the roller throw out bearings installed. My engine is a 1275 unit that is basically stock, except I have installed the adjustable belt cam drive from MiniMania along with the carbon fiber pushrods. The push rods are connected to a set of Keith Dodd 1.5 rockers that I acquired from Tony Chiles in Padacuh, KY. A Weber 45 and a LCB are screwed to a cylinder head which has basic modifications.

The picture of the wheel is a JA Pearse design and I consider these wheels to be one of my prize possessions, as they are very rare examples of the first minilites.

The body restoration was supposed to be completed by second week of June, but things are moving real slow and I am hoping to get it back on the road before the 40th Anniversary gathering scheduled next year in PA. I have not settled on a final color or paint scheme for the car, but I have a few ideas that will probably make the car stand out.

Having fun
Bob Magnotti