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Frank & Diane Clarici's '60 Bugeye

PDLJMPR Web Magazine, April 1, 1996
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I have owned over 35 Sprites or Midgets. I bought my first Sprite from my dad for $400.00 in 1972. The deal was $50.00 when you have it until it was paid off - I may still owe him some money. I then fixed up a parts car for my girlfriend in 1974 (click for photo of Frank at age 19, working on this car). She is now my wife of 18 years and still drives a Sprite every day as long as she doesn't have to take both kids. My son who is only 16 and will not have his driver's license until July, 1996 owns a 63 Mini woody wagon (Countryman). My daughter wants a lavendar Morris Minor convertible. She is only 13 so I'm not actively searching as of yet.

Since my first Sprite of many years ago I am finally finishing my ultimate Sprite, a 1959 Bugeye with disc brakes, 1275 built engine, custom interior, factory hardtop, and comfortable seats with no headrests. The 5-speed gearbox is next, but for now I'm running a factory new, not rebuilt - that's a brand new, old stock, ribcase gearbox. I will send a photo around April 1, 1996.

My wife's current driver is a roll-up window, fold-down top, right-hand drive, Bugeyed Sprite with a slightly tweaked 1275. We also have a 1960 Bugeye on the road as a spare, but this car is going up for sale soon.

Just to keep the neighbors wondering, we have a 1966 MKIII waiting restoration and I picked up a 1958 Bugeye on 3/6/96 as a parts car - its future is still unknown.

Frank Clarici
Sprite Nut

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